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Flexible Teaching and Learning in a Hybrid and Remote Environment
Google Meet Links:
Communication and Organization in Hybrid and Remote with Tory Sulser
August 5th 1-2:25 PM. meet.google.com/gqe-rdkh-uao
August 5th 2:30- 3:55 PM. meet.google.com/iei-aiwh-ovs
August 11th 1-2:25 PM. meet.google.com/xnw-bdgj-uwz
August 11th 2:30 - 3:55 PM. meet.google.com/vkt-yxcr-dub

Assessment & Feedback- Strategies for Formative & Summative Assessments in Hybrid & Remote with Tina Kelly. All sessions will use this link: meet.google.com/uuf-ndbr-hog     > Meeting Presentation

Creating Community & Collaboration with Tracy Sockalosky. 
For all Google Meet sessions go to https://meet.google.com/  and enter code: sockotraining

Best Practices in Remote/Hybrid with Stacy Gauthier. 
All sessions will use this link: meet.google.com/daw-ceii-wdd.     >Survey